During a transaction, be it a commercial or personal one, you may find yourself at a stumbling block now being told you require independent legal advice in order to proceed.


It is a legal requirement in a lot of transactions, the purpose is often to ensure that the person to who advice is being delivered is fully aware of the circumstances, properly advised without undue duress and without being conflicted. Upon our solicitors having properly considered the facts of your case and being satisfied of at least the above, and any supplementary queries raised by a lender, a legal advisor’s certificate will be issued.


Often, this happens when a director of a company is personally guaranteeing a loan advance to the company they direct, or where you personally guarantee a loan being made to someone else. It can be when and employer requires you to take independent legal advice when being offered a settlement agreement, or when considering terms of a pre-nuptial agreement.

Get in touch today if you should require independent legal advice in any of the following:-

  • For a director guaranteeing a loan to a company (Personal Guarantee Agreement)
  • For guaranteeing a loan to someone else.
  • For transfers of equity or gifting.
  • To an employee on a settlement agreement.

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Whatever the circumstances, our solicitors are on hand to deliver fast (same day) and accurate independent legal advice, often at a competitive fixed fee which is agreed at the outset.

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